We’re working with hemp company Hemptown USA, to help introduce their emerging brand to the market.

We set out to break the mold in ‘investor video’s’…and find that balance between information and entertainment. Telling a story – not just delivering facts and figures.


  • Creative Direction
  • Video/ Production
  • Video Post-Production

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Keith Stride


  • Keith Stride, Robert Turner


  •  Robert Turner
  • Creative Direction

    •  Keith Stride, Robert Turner

Music Production

  • Sound House Music
  • Guitarist

    • Jon Hopper


  • Bryn Hewko, Output Media




The company was founded on farming. Our goal was to produce a video that reflected that spirit and find a simple, engaging way to tell the company story – conveying the personality of the brand and its potential.

Here’s the 2 minute version of the video we created:




  • Director

    • Robert Turner


A key element in the storytelling was the soundtrack:


Step One

We wrote a script reflecting the  story we wanted to tell, and the way we wanted to tell it. Straight up. With attitude.

Step Two

    • We auditioned dozens of voices to find the narrator who could do justice to that story and those words. And we found him.

    • Step three

      • Music was the last step in re-inforcing the organic tone of the piece.  We commissioned a well known slide guitarist to score the film.




Visual Style

Imagery was fundamental in the storytelling. We focused on intimate visuals that combined the gritty reality of working people.


… with the scope and beauty of the farm and fields.


In this, our 3rd video, we talk about our harvest and our people – the ones that make it all happen.




  • Director

    • Robert Turner



We worked with linest.tv to create a unique visual style for this teaser animation – one that represents the rugged, bold elements of the brand.  The idea was to convey that CBG is the ‘mother of all cannabinoids’ – in a short simple and memorable way. Created for social media, this message represents an important part of our overall marketing strategy – that of educating consumers.



  • Keith Stride

Exec Producer

  • Robert Turner

Animation creative director

  • Hao Chen


  • Jessica Seymour


  •  Sean Richardson
  • Animation

    • Christian Rubio, Duncan Patterson,Thiago Masci