We worked with Weekend and Emblematica to develop their cannabis lifestyle brand story.

To help launch and define the brand, we created an ‘entertainment’ based framework to build awareness and generate excitement for the company. We produced a series of high energy films, presented, produced and promoted a sold-out live music concert, commissioned an original soundtrack and developed social media content.


  • Content Strategy
  • Creative
  • Video/ Production
  • Video Post-Production
  • Marketing & Communications

  • Anthony Abrahams/Tom Mayenknecht
  • Emblematica
  • Creative Director/ Executive Producer

  • Robert Turner
  • Producer

  • Jesse Stanley
  • Film Director

  • Robert Turner
  • Editor

  • Coline Debray
  • Original Music

  • Shane Eli & Jon Pakfar
  • Campfire Music
  • Live Music Event Producer/Promoter

  • Rader Turner / Cole Taylor
  • Cellphone Lottery


We conceived and produced a 2 minute brand film designed to display all aspects of the company. In it, we celebrate the Weekend lifestyle, creating high energy ‘filmed moments’ that touch on all aspects of the brand: music, media, fashion, culture,  and live events. We then used this ‘master’ brand film and re-purposed it, creating different versions for use across all platforms.

We commissioned an original Weekend Unlimited song from Campfire Music, an L.A. music house, to serve as the soundtrack for the films and for the brand.



Live Show

We worked with Cellphone Lottery – an exciting new music promotions company – to produce a live music event. A concert showcasing 8 up and coming young rappers. We filmed that sold out concert, commissioned 2 music photographers to shoot the event and added all of that content to the films.

Social Media

We re-purposed the film and photography to create specific Instagram, Facebook and Twitter content to promote the brand.



YOLO, the original stock symbol was replaced by the symbol POT. It’s still relevant as one of the underlying pillars of the brand.