This leading edge facility is a ground breaking new concept in sport and health – bringing all the disciplines under one roof and focusing on optimizing athlete performance for life. We developed a suite of media products to help launch the brand.


  • Content Development
  • Website
  • Video Production
  • Video Post-Production


  • Tom Mayenknecht / Anthony Abrahams,

Creative Director

  • Robert Turner
  • Writing

    • Victoria Bushnel
    • Website Art Direction

      • Jess Palmer
    • Photography

      • Ema Peter, Mark Whitehead




We started with a film that established and introduced the look, feel and ethos of the brand. We developed the rest of the story from there.



1×30 seconds

A few of the iterations of the website as we worked to develop the look, feel and functionality



Initial web design concepts

To communicate how interesting, diverse and committed the Fortius team is – we gathered and invited them to a photo/video shoot to share their stories and show us their passions. We re-purposed the shots all over the site and across the marketing materials.




Team video+still campaign

The state of the art Fortius ‘campus’ served as a versatile and unique backdrop for the powerful visuals we used for our video storytelling.

Ema Peter, an incredibly talented architectural photographer, captured images for the website and marketing materials. Her modern photographic aesthetic reflected the brand perfectly.



architectural photography



The final website was a robust, beautifully designed tool for help launch the brand.